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Mixpack of 13 different rockets, 7 pieces with golden tail and 6 pieces with silver tail. Each rocket with 32g NEC per piece.
32g version of the "13 Himmelsstürmer", produced for all other countries than germany (as in germany, only rockets up to 20g are free to sell), but mainly made for finland. 

1.) Golden Tail to Golden willow with Sky-Blue + red Dahlia
Item name: Goldregen-Blau+Rot
2.) Golden tail to Corolla with Blue tips
Item name: Corolla-Blau
3.) Golden tail to Green strobe with brocade crown King
Item name: Brokatpalme-Grünblinker
4.) Golden tail to Yellow strobe with Big gold palm
Item name: Goldpalme-Gelbflimmer
5.) Golden tail to Golden willow to silver willow tips
Item name: Goldregen mit Silberspitzen
6.) Golden tail to Brocade crown with multicolor tips
Item name: Brokat-Bunt
7.) Golden tail to Purple Dahlia with golden strobe
Item name: Lila-Gelbflimmer
8.) Silver tail to Sky Blue Dahlia with titanium Burst
Item name: Polyp Blau
9.) Silver tail to red Dahlia with titanium Burst
Item name: Polyp Rot
10.) Silver Tail to Big silver Chrys with Sky-Blue Dahlia
Item name: Silbercracker-Blau
11.) Silver tail to White strobe with chicken blood red dahlia
Item name: Weißblinker-Magnesiumrot
12.) Silver tail to Red strobe with big silver crackling palm
Item name: Crackerpalme-Rotblinker
13.) Silver tail to Red strobe willow with blue peony
Item name: Blinkweide Rot + Blau

This is basically the "13 Himmelsstürmer" assortment, which can only have 20g per rocket for the german market, while normally tubes of this size would be filled with ca. 32g powderweight. Because of this, we already made one batch last year for Holland last year with 32g, which was still called "13 Himmelsstürmer", and is being sold now at Zena in belgium after the rockets were banned in holland.
For Pyrokratia in Finland, we changed the name of the 32g version now upon his request to "13 Überstürmer".


Burning Time
CE-Certification 1008 - F2 - 69261583
Shape I
Weight Carton 15 kg
Caliber 30 mm
Class 1.3G
NEC 32 g
Shots 1
Packaging Unit 12/13
EAN (VE/Carton) 5901122904205
EAN (Package )
EAN (Product) 5901122901525
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