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Super- Bomben-Raketen

Super- Bomben-Raketen
Super- Bomben-Raketen

Assortment of 6 different "Super-Bombenraketen" with different rising tails, and extra big burst effects. 

Contains one piece each of the following rockets:

1.) Super-Bombenrakete Blütenregen Rot-Blau

Silver tail to Blue Dahlia with red plum

2.) Super-Bombenrakete Goldregen mit Silberspitzen

Titanium gold tail to long burning golden willow with silver willow tips

3.) Super-Bombenrakete Corollaweide-Grünblinker

Corolla tail to long burning corolla with green strobe

4.) Super-Bombenrakete Brokat-Bunt

Brocade tail to long burning brocade crown change to multicolor tips

5.) Super-Bombenrakete Crackerpalme-Blinker

Silver timerain crackling tail to white strobe and red strobe with silver crackling palm

6.) Super-Bombenrakete Grünblinker-Bunt

Green strobe tail to green strobe with blue, violet and yellow dahlia


Burning Time 4 s
CE-Certification 2806 - F3 - 001001
Shape I, Fan, W, Z
Weight Carton 15 kg
Caliber 48 mm
Class 1.3G
NEC 100 g
Shots 1
Packaging Unit 10/6
EAN (VE/Carton) 5901122920304
EAN (Package ) 5901122903956
EAN (Product)
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