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Brand: Iskra Line Model: IC50-16-2
16shots in caliber 50mm with the following effects:1.) Pink peony with titanium white glittering willow;2.) Pink peony with silver spider willow;3.) White strobe with pink dahlia;4.) Big silver chrys with pink dahlia..
Paranoid 2
Brand: Funke Model: FC30-116-2
116shots compound in caliber 30mm with brocade, strobe and color effects, combined with mines and tails, fired in variating angles, with final titanium salute salvo. Effects:1.) White Strobe mine to Brocade tail to white strobe with Brocade crown;2.) Gold strobe mine to Titanium gold tail to go..
Funke China-Böller C
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: 484
Sound emitters produced by the traditional chinese way, in the size 484 ( 3“ x 3/4“). 6 pieces per pack, 20 packs per overpack...
Blauer Berber
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Funke Model: FHB2
20 pieces Blackpowder Bangers per pack, dedicated to Argentos one and only 3-time employee of the month...
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