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Whistling Palms
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Brand: Funke Model: FC21-100-1
100 shots compound in caliber 21mm.Rapidly shooting silver screeching spinning tails, bursting with loud bangs to colored palm effects in red, green, purple, yellow and blue...
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Brand: Funke Model: FR30-GS
Mixpack of 13 different rockets, 7 pieces with golden tail and 6 pieces with silver tail. Each rocket with 32g NEC per piece.32g version of the "13 Himmelsstürmer", produced for all other countries than germany (as in germany, only rockets up to 20g are free to sell), but mainly made for finland.&nb..
Tiger Bomb
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Brand: Funke Model: 484-TB
Sound emitters produced by the traditional chinese way, in the size 484 ( 3“ x 3/4“). 6 pieces per pack, 20 packs per overpack...
Tasse Funke Feuewerk
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Brand: Funke Model: FT_01
Blue cup with Funke LogoOutward packaging in the Funke design and Claim"The First Ignition in the Morning"36 pcs / carton..
T-Shirt mit Funke Logo 100% Baumwolle Marine
Brand: Funke Model: FS03
T-Shirt mit Funke Logo vorne und hintenverschiedene Größen Farbe Marine100% Baumwolle..
Supernaut 1
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Brand: Funke Model: FCM288-1
Battery assortment with 288 shots in the calibers 20-30mm, with brocade- and corolla-effects, combined with different color- and strobe-stars as well as mines, with fanshape-salvos of whistles and titanium salutes1.) Fanshape-Salvo of brocade mines to alternating silver whistles, titanium salutes an..
Super- Bomben-Raketen
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Brand: Funke Model: FR100-MIX
Assortment of 6 different "Super-Bombenraketen" with different rising tails, and extra big burst effects. Contains one piece each of the following rockets:1.) Super-Bombenrakete Blütenregen Rot-BlauSilver tail to Blue Dahlia with red plum2.) Super-Bombenrakete Goldregen mit SilberspitzenTitaniu..
Stroboskop Mix
Brand: Funke Model: FFL60S-MIX
Assortment of different strobes with the following three colors: Red strobe, non-handheld;Green strobe, non-handheld;Yellow strobe, non-handheld...
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