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Brand: Iskra Line Model: SFC2042H01
7 salvos of 6 shots in caliber 25mm:Gold tail to White Glittering Willow with Red Green Skyblue Yellow;Green Glittering Willow with Purple Skyblue Yellow;Red Glittering Willow with Green Skyblue Yellow;Chrys Willow with Red Green Blue..
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Brand: Iskra Line Model: SFC16361
Straight and V shape: Green tail to Big Gold Palm with Seablue and Green star ;Blue tail to Big Gold palm with Blue star;Green tail to Big Gold palm with Green star ..
Screaming Chrysanthemum
Brand: Funke Model: FC24-100-1
100 shots compound in caliber 24mm.Rapidly shooting silver screeching spinning tails, bursting with loud bangs to big silver chrysanthemum crackling combined with colored peonies in red, green, purple, yellow and blue...
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Brand: Argento Model: AC25-25-10
A. Purple tail to purple peony with gold strobe; B. Purple tail to green strobe with gold titanium willow change to purple tips; C. Purple tail to purple peony with brocade crown; D. Purple tail to corolla change to purple tips; E. Purple tail to corolla with purple Dahlia...
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